The page creator 'Loïc Rico' in portrait

Rico Generative Art

Hi, I'm Loïc Rico, a 21 years old canadian web developer. I'm passionate about generative art and I love to learn new things. Great things are to come in the near and far future! Be prepared!

About this site

This is a personal website of mine where I can display my creations. It was build with Astro , Tailwind and the Canvas Element with Javascipt to render the different sketches. The source code is available on the Github Repo . I'm currently working on this site on my free time. If you would like to report a feature or a bug, feel free to leave an Issue on the project repository. Before I decided to create this site, I was always finding my self searching for a particular project to show to someone. And more often than not I wasn't even able to start the project since the person I would be showing it to, would not be setup to run it locally. So I decided to build this page to show my creations to people who are interested in my work. I hope you enjoy it.